Artists Supporting ANGA

Artists are showing ANGA labels alongside their work in support of our campaign.

ANGA reiterates its demand to shut down the pavilion in its entirety.

ANGA's campaign has ensured there can be no business as usual at the Venice Biennale while Israel commits genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. The artistic team of the Israeli Pavilion has retreated as a direct consequence of widespread pressure and our collective campaign.

The Genocide Pavilion has been forced to respond to 24,000 signatories who condemn the Israeli genocide against Palestinians in Gaza but, contrary to the artistic team’s claims, they have not withdrawn, the pavilion has not been closed.

ANGA does not applaud empty and opportunistic gestures timed for maximum press coverage, and leaving video works on view to the public, while Palestinians are killed by Israel every hour and millions face imminent famine.

ANGA calls for an end to the genocide being perpetrated by Israel against Palestinians in Gaza, an end to the apartheid and an end to the occupation of Palestine.

ANGA calls for all cultural workers of conscience to join us in these explicit demands. We refuse anything less.

Any official representation of the state of Israel on the international cultural stage is an endorsement of its policies and of the genocide in Gaza.


ANGA calls for the exclusion of Israel from the Venice Biennale.

Shut it down.

No death in Venice.

No business as usual.

A Guide to Complicity and Protest at the Venice Biennale

A handy downloadable guide to boycotting the Genocide pavilion, including information about the Genocide pavilion; the Venice Biennale's complicity with genocide; genocidal facts and figures; a history of Biennale protest; Palestine in Venice; a Giardini map of international complicity with genocide; and how you can shut down the Genocide pavilion and stop genocidal art washing.

Palestinian Art in the Streets

'Palestinian Art in the Streets' is an exhibition that takes place on the streets of Venice, which celebrates and features 40 works by 13 Palestinian artists including Bayan Abu Nahla, Eltiqa Collective (Dina Matar, Mohammed Al Hawajri, Mohamed Abusal, and Raed Issa), Hadil Alsafadi, Halima Aziz, Hazem Harb, Heba Zagout, Khaled Hourani, Malak Mattar, Maram Ali, and Narmeen Hamadeh.

Palestine in Venice

Malak Mattar: The Horse Fell Off The Poem
April 17–June 14
Feruzzi Gallery (Dorsoduro 368, Venice)

No Words is a large painting that documents the harrowing events in the ongoing destruction of the Gaza Strip, in which over 30,000 Palestinians have been killed and thousands more injured to date. It portrays the devastation inflicted upon human lives, animals, archaeological sites, and cherished historical buildings, alongside the profound impact of forced displacement, which has eviscerated Palestinian society for generations. Drawing from witness testimonies and images from family and friends, the press and social media, Mattar made the work on view over the course of one month at the beginning of this year in January 2024.

Mattar (b. 1999 Gaza, Palestine) is an artist known as the writer and illustrator of the bestselling children’s book Sitti’s Bird (2021), which was based on her experiences of life under occupation. Mattar is showing work with ANGA’s 'Palestinian Art in the Streets' exhibition throughout Venice.

Foreigners in Their Homeland: Occupation, Apartheid, Genocide
April 17 – November 24, 2024
Palazzo Mora (Strada Nova 3659, Venice)

Responding to the theme of the 60th Venice Biennale, “Foreigners in their Homeland” underscores the plight of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. Works by 26 Palestinian artists highlight the vibrancy and joyfulness of Palestinian culture as well as the struggles of the current fight against Israel’s onslaught in Gaza.

The exhibition includes works from Janan Abdu, Mustafa al-Hallaj, Rasha Al Jundi, Alaa Albaba, Mohammed Alhaj, Dalia Ali, Hani Amra, Nabil Anani, Samira Badran, Maisara Baroud, Jacqueline Bejani, Mohammad Bushnaq, Lamis Dajani Shawwa, Jane Frere, Samia Halaby, Ahed Izhiman, Michael Jabareen, Khaled Jarada, Mohamed Khalil, Sari Khoury, Reem Masri, Nameer Qassim, Mohammed Sabaaneh, Khair Alah Salim, Zeinab Shaath, Laila Shawa, and Nisreen Zahda.

"Foreigners in Their Homeland" is organized by the Palestinian Museum US.

SOUTH WEST BANK—Landworks, Collective Action and Sound
April 20–November 24
Magazzino Gallery Palazzo Polignac (Dorsoduro 878, Venice)

'SOUTH WEST BANK—Landworks, Collective Action and Sound,' curated by Jonathan Turner, is an exhibition that focuses on works produced by artists, collectives and allies in and around the southern West Bank in Palestine.

The participating artists look at aspects of land, agriculture and heritage in a rapidly ever-shifting topography. The artists share a voice centered on historical transmissions of memory and collectivity. The works embody the idea that “home” is strongly rooted in many traditional practices. The works featured in the exhibition express an Anthropocene rooted in forced dispossession and occupation.

The exhibition includes works from Samer Barbari, Adam Broomberg, Duncan Campbell, Rafael González, Isabella Hammad, Shayma Hamad, Chris Harding, Baha Hilo, Adam Rouhana, Emily Jacir, Sebastian Jatz Rawicz, Benjamin Lind, Jumana Manna, Michael Rakowitz, Mohammad Saleh, Vivien Sansour, Andrea de Siena, and Dima Srouji. In addition, participants from the Researching Palestine Zine Group coordinated by Chris Harding include Suzannah Henty, Raghad Hilal, Ramzi Nim, Hanna Salmon, Laura Tibi and Marta Wodz.

Organized by Artists + Allies x Hebron and presented in collaboration with Dar Jacir for Art and Research in Bethlehem . Selected as a Collateral Event of the 60th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.

The Palestinian Pavilion
What is the future of art?
A Manifesto against the state of the world

This year, the Palestinian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale takes the form of a manifesto, presented as an A3 Xerox pamphlet. It is hosted by several pavilions and art spaces around Venice.

The Palestinian Pavilion is organized by an anonymous group of artists and cultural practitioners from around the world.

Freedom Boat
April 18-19, 4-6pm
Riva dei Sette Martiri, Venice

Poetry for Palestine. A series of readings alongside the Biennale featuring words by Maya Abu Al Hayat, Fady Joudah, Hala Alyan, Edward Salem, Ghassan Khanafani, Mosab Abu Toha, Refaat Elareer, Mahmoud Darwish, Zaina Alsous, Etel Adnan, Eileen Myles, and so many more.

(See IG: @bidounprojects)

Poetry book includes illustrations by artists Aml El Hakhala, Hazem Harb, and Adel Altaweel. Bespoke maritime flags by Nicole Eisenman and Rosalind Nashashibi.

Organized by Artists Against Apartheid, Bidoun, WAWOG, and the Kamel Lazaar Foundation.

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